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Book Review: Locke & Key (vol. 1)

IMG_0917 (2).jpg
Locke & Key #1: Welcome to Lovecraft
by Joe Hill; artwork by Gabriel Rodriguez

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Locke & Key tells of Keyhouse, an unlikely New England mansion, with fantastic doors that transform all who dare to walk through them. Home to a hate-filled and relentless creature that will not rest until it forces open the most terrible door of them all… (Goodreads)

oh. my. GOD.


When I first picked it up, I didn’t really think I’d be that into it cause it’s one of those stories that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know to make sense of it all until a bit later, but boy I’m glad I kept reading! It only took a few more pages before I was entirely sucked in, and the only thing I don’t like is that I don’t have the other volumes at my disposal. It looks like there are 6 volumes as well as 3 additional one-shots… I believe. Someone correct me if I’m wrong! All I know is, I need them all.

IMG_0915 (2).jpg

This was my first Joe Hill (son of Stephen King) read, and there’s no doubt the horror gene runs in the family! I see a lot of people raving about Hill (as well as King, though I have yet to read any of his books yet — I know, I know! I’ll get to him soon!) in the bookstagram community on Instagram, and now I know why! This story is SO GOOD, and Hill is such a great storyteller.

Murder. Suspense. Horror. Intrigue. Magical/supernatural forces. You name it, you got it! It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting when I was gifted a copy by a fellow bookstagrammer, but I’m so glad it found its way to me. It reminds me a bit of Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House, though Keyhouse doesn’t seem to have as much of a presence (if you’ve read Hill House — or my blog post about it — you know what I mean)… as far as I know from volume #1, at least. However, Keyhouse is… it’s just… it’s so damn cool/spooky/interesting! I love the idea of doors leading to other dimensions/worlds/whatever, but Keyhouse is something else altogether. Ahhh, I love it! 5 stars for ever.

IMG_0919 (2).jpg

I don’t get really sucked into stories that much anymore, but with Locke & Key I was at the point where I’d only pause to glare at my boyfriend when he would try to talk to me as I was reading. Sorry, honey. I love ya, but sometimes you just have to let your eyes stayed glued to the page until you reach the back cover!

I seriously can’t wait to get my hands on more of Joe Hill’s works. I’ve heard NOS4A2 is a good one, and hopefully I’ll get the chance to post a review of L&K volume #2 soon as well! Fingers crossed!

8 thoughts on “Book Review: Locke & Key (vol. 1)”

      1. I would recommend that you start with something like Misery. It is a slow start but like most of his books, once you get into it it’s amazing


      2. I think I might! I had it narrowed down between Misery and Pet Sematary for my first King, as I’ve heard both are excellent. Thanks for the recommendation!


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