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Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Could Re-Read Forever

Top Ten Tuesday is a book blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Every Tuesday, a different top-ten-themed post is uploaded, and I thought I’d join in on the fun with this week’s prompt: books I could re-read forever. So here, in no particular order, are the books I could read over and over and over and…

Books I Could Re-Read Forever

books 3

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling

Can anyone even make a top ten list without including Harry Potter? Honestly, all of the HP books belong in my top ten, but if I absolutely had to choose just one, it’d be Prisoner of Azkaban. There’s just something about it that’s so perfect and fun to read. And Sirius! Sirius is one of my absolute favorite characters, so of course I’d love the book that introduces him.

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The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

The first time I read this book, I felt so. much. That’s what I typically look for in a favorite book: something that really makes me feel, something that lingers for hours or days or longer after I put it down. It’s filled with magic and nostalgia, and it’s such an interesting story. Definitely my favorite Neil Gaiman book so far, and absolutely one of my top ten.

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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon

Again, a book with all the feels! I’ve only read this book once, but it hit me so hard that I know I could re-read it a thousand times. It was so well-written and striking that it got me to post a review about it on Goodreads before I was even really into reviewing books. I just had to talk about it! It definitely deserves a re-read sometime soon.

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The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson

This was actually the book that made me want to start this blog! I had never read any of Shirley Jackson’s works before, but this book made me fall absolutely in love with her. Her writing style and unique stories are just so good! I’ve only read two of her novels and one of her short stories so far, but still it was super hard to pick which one belonged in this list. I ended up picking this one because I literally could not put it down. I still can’t fully describe what it is that I loved so much about this book, but you can check out what I thought about it here!

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A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

This has been one of my favorite books since high school. I love love LOVE dystopian novels, to the point of having an entire section of my personal library dedicated to dystopian fiction (including like five copies of A Clockwork Orange. I like owning different versions of my fave books, okay?! I bet some of you do the same thing, don’t you?). I’m not as crazy about the movie version, but I’ve read the book so many times and could easily read it so many more. It takes a few chapters to get used to the slang Burgess uses, but oh man I just love it so much.

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books 4

Lord of the Flies by William Golding

I told you I love dystopian novels! This book is intense. But then, most dystopian novels revolving around younger characters usually are. It’s been a while since I’ve read this one, but it’s definitely one of my favorite dystopian books, and definitely deserving of a re-read.

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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

THIS. BOOK. Oh man, this book. I first read it a couple years ago for an English class, and I fell so hard in love with it. I loved it so much, I ended up writing my 20-page senior seminar paper on it, and I honestly have never had so much fun writing a research paper. It’s such an incredibly beautiful novel, and it’s so sad. I was surprised at how little I actually knew of the novel before going into it. I was expecting a creepy monster novel, but instead I ended up almost crying about Frankenstein’s creation??? Ugh, it’s just… it’s so good.

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The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

Clearly I’ve got a thing for gothic horror fiction. I got suuuuper into Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde after reading it for the first time, and I spent a lot of my free time re-reading it and watching different movie versions (the 1941 version with Spencer Tracy and Ingrid Bergman is my fave). It really gives you a lot to think about regarding good and evil within humanity (same with Frankenstein), and it’s just a really good read!

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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle

Okay, I chose The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, but really, any Holmes story will do. I’ve got a nice little Sherlock Holmes collection going on, including non-Conan-Doyle stories, and I genuinely love them all. They’re hands down my favorite detective tales (sorry Agatha Christie), and I just never get tired of tailing along with Holmes and Watson on their adventures! I love trying to figure it out before Holmes does, but of course I never do. It’s still fun to try, though!

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

This was one of the first books to actually make me laugh out loud. I love comedic stories, whether fiction or non-fiction, but certain parts in The Hitchhiker’s Guide just cracked me up, and I had never experienced that before! I have since, with authors like Terry Pratchett and David Sedaris, but Douglas Adams was the first, so this book deserves a spot in this top ten list.

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And that’s my top ten list of books I could re-read forever!
(Side note: aren’t the covers in these pics beautiful??? I need to own all of them)

What’s in your top ten list?
Do we share any favorites?

9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Could Re-Read Forever”

  1. I agree with ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time’ and ‘Harry Potter’, they are definitely worth reading more than once. I haven’t read ‘The Lord of the Flies’ for many years, but this post makes me want to re-read it!

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