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Book Blogger Hop (March 2-8): Mouse Talk

The Book Blogger Hop is a meme hosted by Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer. Each week, a new book-themed question is posted, and this week I’m joining in! This week’s question is…

Off the book topic…do you use a mouse pad? If so, what is on it?

I do! I mean, does anyone not use a mouse pad? If you don’t, how??

I use the ENHANCE GX-MP2 Extended Gaming Mouse Pad in black.

mouse pad
Not my mouse/keyboard/monitors, as much as I’d like them to be. Just a pic from the Amazon listing!

My last mouse pad was super cheap, and I held onto it for waaaaay longer than I should have. It was completely falling apart, and it had a built-in wrist rest that honestly made it super uncomfortable. So, after finally getting tired of having to re-situate the pieces of old mouse pad that were always trying to escape, I decided to treat myself to a new, above-and-beyond (well, for the price) mouse pad.

This was the best gaming mouse pad for the price ($19.99), and it’s been pretty good to me so far. I love how big it is, and it makes my desk look a lot nicer/cleaner. It’s got anti-fray stitching and a low friction surface, so it’s long-lasting and good for gaming.

I originally tried using a hard mouse pad because my boyfriend recommended it for quicker/smoother mouse movement, but my mouse did not agree with it, and it made an awful scratching sound. Soft is where it’s at for me. Much more pleasant sounding/feeling.

I got it in black because I like everything to match. My computer has blue accents/internal lights, but the only mouse pad I found that had blue coloring how I liked it (I like subtlety) didn’t come in the size I wanted. So, black it is. Although… my mouse does have a green light surrounding the scroll wheel, and there’s no option to change the color or turn it off. So that doesn’t match, and it totally DOESN’T BOTHER ME AT ALL.

bobs burgers eye twitch

Do you like your computer accessories to match?
What are your comp. colors?


19 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop (March 2-8): Mouse Talk”

  1. I actually don’t use a mousepad. I have a wireless mouse and just put the mouse on the table surface. If I’m sitting on the couch or something I might grab a book to use it on. I had a mousepad but it just ended up being one more thing to keep up with since I don’t always work in the same place.


    1. Huh! Well I guess it makes sense in that case. I have a desktop so I’m always in the same place, but I can see how having a mouse pad would be too tedious if you’re not stationary.


  2. My boyfriend has a huge mouse pad like that! His has a rustic map of the world on it. It’s pretty cool. But I don’t use a desktop so I wouldn’t get a mouse pad as big as that. I don’t even use a mousepad. 😛


    1. I think I know the one you’re talking about! I almost got that one but decided I wanted something simple. I’m surprised how many people use laptops over desktops! I’ve always been a desktop person.


  3. MUAHAHHAHAH YOU’RE A DESTROYER OF WORLDS LIKE I AM!! I have my gaming mouse. Don’t have a beautiful keyboard to match though. One day though…one day….Happy Friday, Happy Reading!

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    1. It’s really nice! I almost got an even bigger one, but this one’s proven to be a pretty good size. Now all I need is more desk space so I can take full advantage of its size!


  4. That is a nice pad. I never saw one like that. Thanks for sharing.

    And….WELCOME to the Blog Hop this week. Nice to see you. Hope you can join in the fun again.

    As for color coordination, not really. 🙂 If I would have coordinated computer accessories, I would choose pink. I have a pink Mac. 🙂

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  5. Your gaming mouse mat is similar to the super-expensive Razor and Overwatch ones that my husband buys. I love your mouse and keyboard, they look really cool. Great to see you joining in with the hop this week.

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    1. Bah, I wish that was my mouse and keyboard! I got that pic off the Amazon listing for the mouse pad. I have more of a basic keyboard, but my mouse is a decent one! It’s a Razor as well! Seems like that company makes some good gaming equipment.


    1. It’s not nearly as cool looking as the one in the pic I posted, haha! I’ve got a pretty basic keyboard (Logitech), hand-me-down computer parts (although they’re mostly handed down from my bf, who loves having really good equipment, so my hand-me-downs aren’t half bad!), and I just recently got a gaming mouse — a Razer! It’s one of the less intense ones, but it’s still pretty nice! And I hooked up my second monitor a few weeks ago so I can do all the things at once! Hahaha.

      P.S. I started playing The Witcher 2! I’m loving it so far 😀

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      1. A Razer mouse 😮

        *side eyes my BF to hand me down stuff as well*

        Aaaahhh it sounds like heaven, having a second monitor with a huge mouse pad. OMG YAY you love it!! Can’t wait for you to dive deep into it and never come back out into the real world 😛


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