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Otherworldly Excursions

Ben at The Daily Post invited bloggers to share a picture of something familiar seen in an unfamiliar light. Something that is typical in our world but alien when looked at from a different perspective. Though I normally only post book-related content, I thought this was a really neat idea and wanted to join in on this week’s challenge while also letting you guys into a part of my day!

It felt amazing outside today, so the bf and I decided to spend some time visiting a nearby park. We’ve been to this park a few times, but some parts of nature that I had seen before stood out even more to me when thinking back to this photo challenge. So I took the opportunity to take some nature photography — I hope you guys enjoy!


This is our favorite tree at the park. It’s hella old and hella big and covered in knots. It’s so intense that one of the overhanging branches has to be propped up for support. It always reminds me of a magical tree in a fairy tale, with secrets dripping out of every knot on its surface. Give me your secrets, oh magical tree!


The bf gets credit for this pic. Same tree, different photography technique! I love that it looks like a disturbed reflection in a pool of water (or an upside-down Ursula… the bf pointed out her boobs 😂 — do you see them??).

The tree’s also right near a little apiary, so we always stop by to say hi to all the honey bees doin’ their thing.



We also saw these massive vines that were overtaking everything. Basically every tree we saw in one area was attached to a vine nearly half the size of the tree itself!

I had never seen vines so big before, and they all looked so strange and otherworldly. And fuzzy. Nature is just so damn cool.

As we were walking away, I couldn’t help but think out loud, “So that’s how Tarzan gets around. Vines that big could totally support his weight!”


Get your swing on, bro!


We spent a good bit of time in the park after lunch, and we even went as far as to take the long route on the trail, and it felt amazing! We’ve been stuck inside so much lately that I forgot how great it is to get outside and just walk around in nature for a bit.

It was just a really nice day, and I’m glad I decided to join in on this challenge to focus on seeing things from a different perspective. The world is so much more interesting that way!

Do you have a favorite park near you?
Seen anything neat/otherworldly there lately?

5 thoughts on “Otherworldly Excursions”

  1. We have a lot of beautiful stately oaks here that are often hundreds of years old, and are knotted and have branches that swarm over huge swaths of the park – and yes, often have to be propped up too! Your photos are beautiful! And yes I totally saw the boobs LOL! 😛

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