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6 Best Websites for Cheap Books (New AND Used!)

Hey hey hey, fellow book lovers! I come to you today with a special gift: the gift of cheap books! I’ve compiled a list of my favorite places to get used and new books for a fraction of the retail cost. If you’re on a budget or just looking to save a few bucks, go on and check out what I’ve got for you. Save yourself some cash without sacrificing that happiness that we all know comes from buying new books!

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Discover Books is my most recent favorite find. Discover Books sells discounted used books and offers free U.S. shipping. Most of their books are around $3 or $4. But my favorite thing about this site is all the coupons they offer! They give you coupons for purchasing multiple books at once. They give you coupons for holidays (like, every holiday). They give you coupons for referring new customers. Basically, Discover Books just bombards you with coupons at every possible chance. And it’s the best!

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They’ve also implemented a rewards program recently, where you gain points for every dollar you spend, and these points can be redeemed to go towards more books. It’s free to join, and the points never expire! Could this site get any better??

abe books

Abe Books was my go-to book buying website for the longest time. It offers a huge selection of new and used books, many of which are available for free U.S. shipping. Prices vary depending on what you’re looking for, but you’re likely to find pretty cheap prices for many books on your list. This is also a great site if you’re a collector looking for rare books, and there’s also a whole section for art and collectibles.


I used to looooove Thrift Books for all my used book buying needs until they changed their shipping costs. They used to offer free shipping, but now they only offer free shipping for U.S. orders $10 and up. It’s still a pretty good deal, though, and you can get a decent number of books for $10! They’re currently offering 2 books for $7, 3 for $10, and 4 for $12! Their rewards program also awards you with a $5 coupon after you spend $50.

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— Expires on March 28 —

book depository

If you’ve been in the book community for a while, you’ve probably already heard of Book Depository. Surprisingly, I didn’t know about until a few months ago! This website offers new books at discount prices. The best thing about this site, unlike the others that I’ve already mentioned, is that it offers free global shipping. So no matter where you live, you get free shipping! Though the prices are not typically as low as they are on the other sites in this list, the fact that Book Depository specializes in new books for the prices that they offer definitely sets them apart.

paperback swap

Paperback Swap is a site where (you guessed it) you can swap books with other bookworms from around the world. It’s a really cool way to interact with different book lovers in different countries while also adding to your book collection (and getting rid of those books that you know you’ll never read but haven’t gotten around to doing anything with them yet).

How it works is you simply list the books you’re looking for, and if someone else on the website has that book, you’ll receive it in your mailbox free of charge (excluding a 49¢ swap fee if you’re not a limited member)! You earn credits for mailing books to other members, and every time someone receives a book from you, you get a credit, which can then be used to request books from other members. It’s a fun way to get books for next-to-nothing, and who knows, maybe you’ll make a friend from the other side of the world in the process!

You have the option of buying new books at discount prices on this site as well.

book sale finder

Used book sales are a great way to find used books for a few dollars (or even cents) a piece, and the Book Sale Finder website is a great source for finding book sales near you! It currently offers information on book sales in the U.S. and Canada.

Information about sales, including location and hours, types of items available, general pricing information, and more are provided on each listing. The website is updated frequently, so check back often to find more upcoming sales!

Those are 6 of the best websites that I’ve found for buying cheap books. And if this list doesn’t suffice, don’t forget about your local library! After all, you can’t get much cheaper than free. 😉

What are your favorite places to buy cheap books?

15 thoughts on “6 Best Websites for Cheap Books (New AND Used!)”

  1. I wish I lived in USA :/ I’ve been using Book Depository for several years now and it’s okay (they seriously need to add tracking numbers), but Amazon sometimes offers the same books but way cheaper, and that is with the shipping cost, so I always compare prices. As for used books – that’s impossible for me. I often find $2 novels on AbeBooks, but shipping from UK to Serbia is $6+, and from USA minimum $15 :S Ahh the charms of a 3rd world country 😀

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    1. Awww 😦 Yeah, I was pretty bummed when I realized most of these websites only offer free shipping for U.S. orders. But it looks like Thrift Books offers $4.99 shipping to countries outside of the U.S./UK/Canada! I’m not sure about shipping costs are for other countries on Discover Books, but it might be worth checking out that site as well!

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