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“WOW US” Writing Contest!

Do you guys write? Do you wanna get published? Well, here’s your chance! Brilliant Flash Fiction has just announced a writing contest open to all fiction writers! The focus is on flash fiction, 300 words or less. But don’t be daunted by that! Flash fiction is super fun (though, yes, a little more challenging than other forms of fiction), and I know you guys will churn out some great stuff. So go on and write your best flash fiction story, then follow the submission guidelines on the linked post. Good luck! 😀


IMG_6488Prompt: None. Let your imagination run wild
No Entry Fee
Word limit: 300 words, excluding title
Deadline: SEPTEMBER 15, 2018
Submissions: email to
50 euro first prize (or equivalent amount in your currency)
25 euro second prize
15 euro third prize
Judges: Brilliant Flash Fiction staff

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