100 Followers/Get to Know Me!

Aaaahhhhh, I’ve reached 100 followers!!!


Thank you so much to everyone who’s followed me — I love you all so, so much, and you’re all wonderful bloggers! I honestly never thought I’d make it to 100 followers when I first started this blog. I started it as a way to post book reviews outside of Goodreads, but it’s turned into so much more. I love being able to connect with all of you, and I’m so happy that some of you have even become friends! I love this community so much, and I’m so glad for all of you who enjoy my blog ❤

I love getting to know the people behind the blogs, so I thought I’d celebrate with a little “get to know me” post. I’ve decided to make lists of my top 5 favorite book genres, authors, bands, shows, etc. to give you a general overview of me! So without further ado, let’s take a peek into Kara World! (Oh, if you didn’t already know, I’m a giant dork, so excuse that dorky comment, lol)

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Favorite Book Genres

Dystopian fiction
Magical realism
Historical fiction
Humor (especially dark humor)
Gothic fiction

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Favorite Authors

Neil Gaiman
Karen Russell
David Sedaris
Edgar Allan Poe
William Shakespeare

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Favorite Bands

(specifically this album for Paramore; I haven’t listened to much of their other stuff, though I do like old Paramore, too. It’s just that “After Laughter” is on a whole other level for me)

Honorable Mentions:

Both of the following bands are side projects of Max Bemis, lead singer of Say Anything.

  • Two Tongues is made up of Max and Chris Conley, lead singer of Saves the Day (another amazing band)
  • Perma is made up of Max and Sherri Dupree-Bemis, wife of Max and lead singer of Eisley (yet another great band)

Do you guys KNOW how hard it is to pick one song out of all the songs from your favorite bands??? VERY hard. Especially since 4 out of 5 of those bands have 5+ albums. It took me nearly a full day to decide on which songs to use. If you like these bands or these songs, PLEASE TALK TO ME ABOUT THEM! I love these bands with all of my heart, and I’ve actually seen all of them except Paramore perform live, multiple times. How many times? Well…

The Front Bottoms — 🎤🎤🎤 (+🎤 next month!)
Say Anything — 🎤🎤🎤🎤
We Are Scientists — 🎤🎤
Brand New — 🎤🎤🎤

Now I haven’t seen Two Tongues or Perma (because they never tour), but I have seen the bands that are connected with them:

Say Anything — 🎤🎤🎤🎤
Saves the Day — 🎤
Eisley — 🎤🎤🎤

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Favorite TV Shows

Doctor Who (2005-2009 seasons)
Black Books
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

(Basically, British comedies and campy sci-fi shows are my jam)

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Favorite Movies

Shaun of the Dead
The Lord of the Rings trilogy (it counts as one!)
I Love You, Man
Jurassic Park

Honorable Mention:

Event Horizon


This movie is MESSED. UP. But I love it so much, and I just couldn’t leave it out of my list.

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Favorite Video Games

Tomb Raider
Mass Effect
Ori and the Blind Forest
God of War
Simulation games like The Sims, Planet Coaster, and Hand Simulator


And there you go! Now you know a little bit more about me 🙂 If there’s anything else you’d like to know about, just ask! And thank you again to every one of you for hanging out with me and reading my ramblings ❤

Whatchu wanna know ’bout me? 😀

31 thoughts on “100 Followers/Get to Know Me!”

  1. Congratulations Kara! You deserve many many more! 🙂 ♥ Okay so it turns out we’re not twins after all, I don’t know any of those bands xD But I’ll listen to every song you posted! 🙂 I love Black Books too (actually all British comedy shows), and Sunny! Charlie is my spirit animal, and my nick on Battle.net is actually Nightman, and my best friend is Dayman. 😀 That song is pure treasure. ♥ And LOTR of course ♥ Ohh and I adore Tomb Raider! I’ve played all except the last one and the multi player and other shitty ones that don’t stick to the original gameplay. I especially love Anniversary and Underworld because of all the mythologies ahhh. And The Sims have taken far more hours out of my life than I should have allowed, especially on stupid stuff like trying to complete all collections in Sims 3, and replaying the world adventures and killing my characters in all kinds of ways and stuff xD And I was so baffled by the Gnome mystery, still am. I do have a question, have you ever played Viva Pinata? xD


    1. Thank you!!! ❤ Haha, we can still be twins! With the exception of Paramore, those bands aren't super popular. Brand New is the most popular of them all, but not enough to like, be on the radio or anything. The rest are still pretty small. The Front Bottoms (my FAVORITE) only just started headlining their own tours. They're all such great bands, though. ❤

      Yay for Black Books and It's Always Sunny! omg Charlie is my favorite too, haha. And Tomb Raider! I LOVE those games. The last one… idk, I didn't really like the story line as much as the one before. I LOVED the 2013 one. So much. And Anniversary. I haven't played Underworld yet! I bought like a whole collection of the Tomb Raider games when they were on sale a few years back, though, so I think it's in my games folder. Hahaha, I think The Sims does that to everyone. It's impossible not to spend a billion hours on it. Hm, Viva Pinata, I haven't heard of it! What kind of game is it?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well most of my favorite bands aren’t super popular too, but the ones that are have never been in Serbia cause we’re the butthole of the world and no one tours here xD So I’m really jealous you saw all your faves and I hope you’ll see Paramore too!

        I need to buy the last Tomb Raider when I get a new pc, but I loved the 2013 too! I’ve just recently bought 4 or 5 Tomb Raider games on steam for $5 xD Even though I had all but one on discs xD Ohh get Underworld when it’s on a discount and play it, it’s awesome!!

        Ahaha well Viva Pinata is like a magical farm simulator but all the animals are pinatas xD It may sound ridiculous and if you google the images it looks like a kiddie game, which it is, but it’s also awesome! You improve your farm and attract some animals, then you grow some plants and attract other ones etc. Then you have to fulfill special things to get the animals to move in, and then to romance (have sex, but in a form of a totally cute and innocent mini game), then you can cross breed etc, turn evil pinatas into good ones, there are a million options and I’ve never gotten all the species, but they are amazingly cute 🙂


      2. Aw, no! That sucks 😦 You should write to them all and tell them to play there! lol, Paramore concerts are soooo expensive, I doubt I’ll be seeing them anytime soon. I usually stick to bands that only charge like $20 for concert tickets. Paramore is like $70+.

        Bahaha, Steam was where I got all mine, too. I just checked and I’ve got Anniversary, Legend, Underworld, and the 2013 and the newest one. But I’ve only played all the way through the last two. I kept getting stuck in certain parts in Anniversary, lol. I’ll check out Underworld! I’ve been trying to figure out a game to play lately, so thanks for the suggestion!

        Whaaaa??? That sounds amazing! I love ridiculous sim games. Have you played Goat Simulator? Or Hand Simulator? That one’s hilarious. It’s got a bunch of mini games where you have to control your hands (and sometimes legs too) but you have to control every finger and movement individually. It’s super ridiculous, especially the cow milking one. It cracks me up. It’s usually pretty cheap on Steam. Oh, also, have you heard of a site called G2A.com? You can get games for way cheaper on there. Even cheaper than on Steam. I normally get my games from there.


      3. Haha I actually did write to a couple of bands, and they’ve replied (screams) and it’s always the same answer- they would love to but nobody invited them xD It’s because they’re too expensive for this shitty country, plus the interest in those bands is too low to pay such money to get them to play here. :/ Whoa that’s really expensive, but I get it because of the general difference in our countries. For $70 you can go to a 4-day festival here to listen a bunch of bands. 🙂

        Ahaha I’m missing just the last one, my laptop can’t handle it, I’ll try to get it cleaned these days and maybe I can try it out. xD Well when I get stuck I look at the walkthroughs online haha, sometimes even a bunch of times, I’m nervous and can’t handle being stuck in one place too long. xD Yay can’t wait to hear what you think! I loved the Norse mythology part of the Underworld so much!

        Yeah but it’s more massive and demanding like Sims, it’s not really a short game xD We’ve talked about those simulators when we met and talked about Ori haha. 😀 I’ve played the Goat one, considered buying the Hand one the other day but I got Franz Kafka the game instead hahaha. xD Wow I’ll check it out! If it’s even cheaper than Steam that’s awesome!! Also if you’re looking for recommendations try The Witness. If you love mind-bending and utterly perplexing puzzles and storylines that is. xD


      4. omg that’s awesome that they responded! Less awesome that they can’t come 😦 Do they ever tour in any nearby countries? I’ve been tempted to travel to other states to see some bands because they don’t always come to my area.

        Ahhhh that sounds awesome! Festivals like that are well over $100 over here… and usually that’s like, per day. Needless to say, I’ve never been to one of those festivals.

        Haha I look at walkthroughs too, but I think I got stuck at a part that I just couldn’t get past, no matter how many walkthroughs I read. I was just having a few bad gaming days, I think lol.

        Oh duh, haha, I forgot. I tried to find that Viva Pinata game, but I wasn’t able to find it. Is it not on Steam? Oooh, that sounds like a neat one, too! I just looked up some videos of it on Steam, it looks pretty cool! And super pretty. Maybe I’ll look into buying it once I get paid 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Well some bands come to Budapest so I go there, that’s 6-8 hours away depending on how you travel. But for some really big bands like Deftones, as closest they come is Vienna which is 2~ hours further, but the ticket price is also much higher. :/ Well that festival I mentioned, Exit festival, used to be awesome, now it’s shit, so there’s nothing left haha. xD

        Ohh I get it. There are some stealthy moves in that kind of games where no walkthrough helps, like in Ori and the ginso tree sequence haha. 😀

        Hmm well I have a cd that’s more than 10 years old haha. xD It’s a Microsoft game and I see that they only sell the xbox version in a bundle exclusively. I can’t find the digital version for pc, but the disk is on Amazon for $9, and on Ebay as low as $3 🙂 Ughh I loved the witness but quit, I’ll try again one day, the puzzles are for people smarter than me I guess, but I loved all I could solve! 🙂 And there are underlying series of puzzles that are hard to find, and some bits and pieces you have to write down cause I guess those are a part of a much bigger puzzle towards the end, but I never got to it. xD


      6. Oh, man, that’s far 😦 I wish you could go to more concerts! Aww, I hate it when that happens. There’s a festival like that over here called Warped Tour, where it used to be amazing (even though I never got to go. The line-up was always great, though) and now it’s not so great. This is the last year they’re doing it though, so I’m still going to try to go. It’s during the summer, so it’s going to be suuuuper hot, but I still want to be able to say that I’ve been.

        UGH, those DAMN GINSO TREES. I still have flashbacks.

        Hahaha! Oh, nice, that’s super cheap! lol puzzle games are hard! I love them, but I struggle with them, too.

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      7. Me too! Especially cause some bands break up or some band members die before I get to see them live, which is both the case with two of my favorite bands – Isis and Type O Negative. 😥 Hmm that sounds cool, hope you get to go! Our festival got too commercial and now they’re only bringing famous techno Dj’s -.- But I did manage to see many great metal bands when it used to be a good festival, like Korn, Faith no more, Slayer, Nightwish, etc. Now I mostly listen to post metal/rock which sucks as the audience for that here is like 300 people tops, so no one would come. 😦

        Hahaha me too, I’d do the whole game with the walkthrough rather than giving up, but I usually get it right after I take a break, in the case of Witness it was just mind boggling. But awesome. 😀


      8. Oh wow, really? That’s horrible 😦 Okay, but I just looked those bands up and I liiiiiiike. Especially Isis (what an unfortunate name, lol). Type O Negative has a very Misfits sound. Do you listen to them? Whaaaat?!?! I can’t believe you got to see those bands! That’s so crazy! Aw, that sucks that they don’t come. I love smaller crowds. I feel so much closer to the band. Do you listen to AFI? They came up in the related videos on YouTube and I used to loooooove them.

        Haha, same. That’s what happened with Ori and that damn water vein level. I played it for like hours straight, gave up, came back the next day, and beat it in like 10 mins lol.


      9. And in a continuation of my comment that my phone decided to send before it was done xD – years before the terrorist group even existed. But the band had some hate on Facebook a couple of years ago, when they were already broken up lol. I love Misfits! They are one of my favorite bands. 🙂 Type O is more gothic, I’m so sad I didn’t get to see them before the singer died. 😦 Haha me too, smaller crowds are awesome but unfortunately I like some big bands too xD I’ve seen AFI live, they’re ok but I’m not really a big fan. 🙂

        I knooow, 20+ times in a row and I was so pissed and wanted to break my PC, then I came back to it 2 days later and did it on the second try. 🙂 The sequence towards the end where you hide from that bird Kuro, was also maddening. But I love it and I’m going to play it 100 more times. 🙂 Gosh I can’t wait for the sequel!!!


      10. I actually was researching when they formed vs. when ISIS formed, and I saw they got the name first, lol. Ha, nice! I figured you must like them considering how similar they sound to Type O. I used to listen to the Misfits a lot in high school. Ahh, you’ve seen so many bands I want to see! I love AFI’s older stuff. Super punky sounding.

        Bahahaha, I guess breaks do help! omg I KNOW, that part was super frustrating too. Uggggh I was re-organizing all of my game files on my hard drives AND I SOMEHOW MANAGED TO DELETE ALL MY SHIT. All my save files, everything. I mean at least I had beaten all the games I would be sad about losing, but still. Ugggghhhh. So that’s what I’m doing today: re-installing all of my games cause I’m an idiot.


      11. Ahaha I know, no connection whatsoever. 🙂 I loved Misfits in highschool but they are one of the rare bands I still equally love 10+ years later. 🙂 I wish I lived in US, then I could have seen all the bands I love. 😀

        OMG whyyy, there is no greater sorrow than the loss of a save file. 😦 For me, at least, I have some games where I’ve invested 100+ hours. :S But now you can replay everything again haha. 😀


      12. COME TO THE US. We’ll go to all the concerts!

        Ugh, right? It could have been a lot worse, though. Luckily I’m not in the middle of any games right now, and the games that I’ve completed I really have been wanting to play again. Btw, I did all this cause I was gonna start playing Underworld! I had some problems opening the game (some weird thing about it not being on the right hard drive… even though every other game on that hard drive works fine, but WHATEVER), so I re-installed it on a different drive and just decided to re-organize all my games because I ❤ organization.

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      1. OMG yeees I’ve been counting the daaaays! Sadly we get it a bit late here in my country but we will get it so that’s great hahaha😅 I’m planning to have a marathon before I go watch it😂


      2. Aw well if it’s any consolation I probably won’t end up seeing it til it’s been out for a couple weeks. I never end up seeing movies when they first come out. A marathon sounds perfect! It’s been forever since I’ve watched JP 2 and 3.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I just do it because when they first come out here it mean it has been some time since it really came out hahaha and I’m terrified of spoilers!!


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