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Book Blogger Hop (April 27-May 3): Sincerely, NO.

The Book Blogger Hop is a meme hosted by Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer. Each week, a new book-themed question is posted, and this week’s question is…

Have you ever thought of writing a respectful, but angry letter to an author to ask them WHY they killed off one of your favorite characters in a novel?

Mm, nah. Honestly, I’ve never considered writing a letter to an author, period. And deaths, well, even if I’m not necessarily happy about the deaths in some books (*coughHarryPottercough*), the story wouldn’t be the same without those deaths. And if I would ever care enough about a story to write to the author, I wouldn’t be mad about something that would change that story. And I mean, it’s not my story to change.

Really, the only time I get mad about a death in a book is if it just didn’t make any sense for the story, or if it just seemed like the author was killing off characters just to kill off characters, you know? Or if the reader isn’t given enough time to care about a character before s/he’s killed off. Which happens a lot, I’ve noticed. With those books, I’m not given the time to really connect with the character, and then they die, and the author expects me to care more about it or feel sad about it. And I just, don’t. And then I have to sit there and read through pages of other characters being sad when I just don’t care at all. That kind of irritates me. If you’re going to kill off a character, at least work to create a connection between the audience and that character so they care when they die.

Have you ever written a letter to an author?
Would you ever write an angry letter about a character death (or anything else)?

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