AJC Decatur Book Festival Weekend

I am writing this with throbbing feet and sunburned shoulders but also with lingering excitement and a new prized possession! That can only mean one thing: I went to a book festival today!

The AJC Decatur Book Festival is the largest independent book festival in the US, and it was this weekend! It was filled with so many wonderful authors and guest speakers and intriguing booths and free prizes (I got a book light!) — and that’s right, books! Old books, new books, signed books, used books… I was in heaven. And luckily I had one of my favorite bookworms with me (and the bf, who did wonders with putting up with my overly excited self)!

I did a pretty good job at restraining myself from splurging my entire paycheck on books, but there was one that caught my eye that I just couldn’t pass up: a signed first edition Neil Gaiman! The View from the Cheap Seats — one of his that I haven’t read before! It’s a collection of non-fiction stories, and I’m pretty excited to read this one. I haven’t read any non-fiction by him before. We’ll see how it goes!

Overall, it was an amazing day. I got to spend a good 5+ hours with great company just being our bookworm-y selves, and it was a blast!

I hope you all have been having some good times, too! What’s been up??

6 thoughts on “AJC Decatur Book Festival Weekend”

  1. lucky lucky lucky lucky! omg…Gaiman is one of THE Gods of Writing. I splurged on a book sale at Discover books. About to splurge again at the Barnes sale. Hey who needs to eat right? 😛


    1. Right?? I love him! It’s weird though cause as much as I love him, I don’t love all his books. Some are my absolute favorites, but others are just meh. So I’m really wondering what this one will be!

      Haha splurge away! I hope you get a good haul! 😄


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