She lives!

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Yes, that’s right! I’ve finally returned from the land where bloggers go to die: life business. Well, not so much “returned” as “escaped briefly,” but I’m still excited to be back! Even if it is in short bursts.

So, what’s been new?!

Well. I’ve been working 3 jobs, trying (and usually failing) to force myself to actually relax on my days off, wanting to write but not having the time, wanting to have fun but not having the time, and just generally stressing out on a day-to-day basis, lol. But it hasn’t been all bad! I’ve been reading when I can, seeing friends when I can, writing when I can. Been going a little crazy with yard sale-ing lately, but who cares, it’s fun! I got a bread maker for $3 and literally cannot stop making bread. Does anyone want some bread?? I made some zucchini/cranberry/pecan bread the other night. De-LICIOUS.

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I haven’t been reading much, but I am still reading! I just picked up Karen Russell’s new short story collection the other day, and it’s just as weird and unique as I was hoping. So far I’m not loving it quite as much as her other short story collections, but there are still quite a few stories left to read, so we’ll see! Any other Karen Russell fans out there?? Talk to me, please!

I’m also considering entering NYC Midnight’s flash fiction contest next month. I’ve been wanting to join one of their contests for years but could never convince myself to spend the $40-something it costs to enter… but I think I’m gonna do it this year. Have any of you lovely readers participated before? Did you get far?? How was the experience? I want to know everything!

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That’s all for now, but I’ll try to post new stuff soon! In the meantime, what has everyone been reading?? Got any good summer TBR lists you’re planning on tackling?

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