10 ways not to write

Everyone posts about the best ways to write, the “right” ways to write, the most effective ways to write… but what about the ways not to write? I come to you as an expert in not writing with my list of 10 ways not to write.

1. Don’t write with your boyfriend sitting next to you watching TV. Especially when it’s interesting TV. Especially when it’s The Office.

Image result for the office writing gif

2. Don’t write when your cats are in Play Mode and just want you to throw the damn toy, dammit.

Image result for hyper cat gif

3. Don’t write when you’re thinking about all the other things you have to do. You’ll turn your brain to mush!

Image result for brain gif

4. Don’t write when your brain is working on overdrive. Nothing but exhaustion and a mental breakdown or two will come of that.

Image result for windows crash gif

5. Don’t write when you’re hungry/tired. Eat an apple or take a power nap, or your writing will suffer!

Image result for sleep writing gif

6. Don’t write when you’re not interested in your story. If you don’t care about it, no one else will.

Image result for bored gif

7. Don’t write too many stories at once. Jot down notes when you get ideas, but keep your focus on one project to produce better results. Stretch yourself too thin and it will show!

Image result for multitasking gif

8. Don’t write when you don’t want to write. But don’t wait to want to write, either. Stay motivated by telling yourself it’ll all be worth it!

Image result for yes gif

9. Don’t write without passion. Love what you’re doing. Be excited to write each day. Don’t let it be a chore. And if you’re getting paid for it, don’t let it become just another job. Fall in love—and actively stay in love—with writing.

Image result for disney sigh gif

10. Don’t write a blog post about writing when you should be working on your story.

Image result for shrug gif

Do you have problems with not writing? Tell me what’s on your list!

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