I’ve got a literary itch… for witches!

Hi, friends and bookworms! Popping in for a bit cause I desperately need your help.

I got into a super witchy mood this Halloween and just can’t manage to get myself out of it. I’m dying for some good books about witches. Fiction or non-fiction, I don’t even care! I just need some witchy books to keep me going. What witchy things have you been reading?


Do you have any recommendations for some great fiction books regarding witches?

Do you have any recommendations for great non-fiction books about witches—
preferably ones that don’t read like a textbook and maybe also has pictures??

Let me know, friends! I’ll eagerly await your responses. 😀

10 thoughts on “I’ve got a literary itch… for witches!”

    1. Either! I wish I could find some good historical books, too. I wanna learn me some history!

      NICE!!! Reading now 😀

      I know I’ve seen the Practical Magic movie, but I can’t remember anything about it. Is it super focused on romance?

      I actually ordered The Bear and the Nightingale earlier this week! I heard it had something to do with witches or witchy things. It should be in my mailbox any day!

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      1. Ah! I’ve just seen this after I’ve replied to your comment on my post! Oops!

        I read a not so good book on the Salem witch trials called ‘Witches’ by Stacey Schiff (I think). You may enjoy it but I wouldn’t recommend it. I’m on the look out for better books on the trials so if I come across one I’ll let you know!

        The Witch Finder’s Sister is historical fiction about the sister of the Witchfinder General and it’s not historically accurate but I really liked that one.

        Practical Magic does have romance but I thought it was more about the sisters relationships which made me happy because that’s what I adored about Charmed before it become a bit OTT.

        Enjoy The Bear and the Nightingale! I was pleasantly surprised! It would be good to know what you think!


      2. Haha, no worries! Meh, I’ll keep looking. It’s weird, I haven’t found many non-fiction witch books that seem good. Small niche, I guess?

        Historical fiction is good enough for me! Added to the list 😀

        That works for me! I’m just not a fan of overly romantic books. PM sounds so good, though!

        Thank you! I’ll try to make a post on it 😀

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